About us

Hermana Tierra Onlus is an association without profit created by secular and christians volunteer. The main aim is to pursue the social solidarity in the field of the protection of the human rights and the international cooperation.

In order to help to build a future of justice and shared prosperity, the association Hermana Tierra Onlus aims to:

 plan, promote and realize interventions to encourage the self-development of the populations of Guatemala and other developing countries, intended as change and improvement of the present and future conditions of life, of their own potentialities and their own necessities, acting in partnership with Associations, Corporate bodies and local Institutions;

promote the dialogue among cultures, aimed to strengthen the knowledge and the mutual solidarity among the people and based on the recognition and on the respect of the cultural, human and religious values we carry;

 promote a culture of solidarity based on the recognition of the needs of Guatemala and other countries of the South of the world and on the responsibilities toward the future generations, favoring the exchange of ideas and experiences concerning the education to the development and the international cooperation;

 sustain activities and projects of vocational training and social promotion of the citizens of Guatemala and other developing countries, on-site and in Italy;

 increase awareness within the local, national and international institutions about the serious problem of the poverty, exploitation,ignorance and every other form of oppression,in order to solicit them to provide practical support to the children,the families and the communities of Guatemala;

 favor the scholastic adoption of children coming from families in serious economic difficulty and that, without an external support, would not be able to attend neither the primary nor the secondary schools;

 promote and organize initiatives of solidarity and social sharing, in order to promote moments of meeting and exchange between Italy and Guatemala intended as moments of sharing among the cultural diversities;

 promote the intercultural exchange and meeting among the people through “trip-sharing” in the full respect of the individualities, of the cultural identities and of the context that surrounds us.

The Association Hermana Tierra Onlus is engaged both in projects of self development of the Guatemalan people and the south of the world (so that these people can in autonomy reach a level of prosperity that would allows them to face with dignity the life and to become protagonists of their future), and in Italy through initiatives meant to familiarise people with Guatemala and the South of the world and their values, always convinced that by strengthening the knowledge, the respect and the mutual solidarity among the people we will be able to build a future of justice and mutual prosperity.


The Association Hermana Tierra Onlus was created in Portici(Na) the 11th of May 2011 when Father Angelo Esposito, a parish priest from San Sebastiano al Vesuvio and a group of Catholic and lay people decided to gather toghether in order to realize projects to improve the life of Guatemalan people oppressed, excluded and exploited by a violent, unfair and dictatorial social system.

Father Angelo decides to dedicate himself to the others and the 14th of May 2000 he was ordained priest.He then spent 8 years in the church of Immacolata Concezione in Portici.In 2008 he left Italy to be a missionary in Guatemala where he still works to spread the Gospel within the indigenous communities.