"If we choose to transform our heart, giving the life for our brothers, we can paint the world with the colours of love"
Angelo Esposito
GOD, HOWEVER Become friend of the other


You are in the website of the Association Hermana Tierra Onlus, an organization that is devoting itself in the international solidarity, particularly towards the Guatemalan people.

The web allows us to virtually feel us closer to Guatemalan people…



Our vision, our dream, is to build a future of justice and prosperity in Guatemala and in other Countries of the South of the world.

We strive to affirm the right to a social justice allowing all the people of the South of the world to finally become protagonists



Truth, justice and charity through the missionary work
“God, however” because also where He seems absent, He manifests himself in the spiritual wealth and in the dignity of the oppressed people. “God, however” because, in spite of the difficult conditions in which they operate, the volunteers are tireless workers in the name of God.

Father Angelo



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Hermana Tierra Onlus
Registered office: Corso Garibaldi, 13 80055 Portici (NA)
Place of operation: Via Diaz, 16 80055 Portici (NA)

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+39 081 23456789